Wow, WoW

Today is World of Warcraft’s fifth birthday! Though there are often in-game events, Blizzard parties and hilarious meme images to accompany games’ birthdays, to commemorate the anniversary of this time-and-CPU-eating behemoth I will share with you the best WoW-themed birthday (and event) cakes Google Images has to offer. Behold:

Via ArsTechnica, a roommate’s girlfriend’s creation

Amazing airbrushing, via Erisana’s deviantart

Inspired by the Horde cake above, this thing is truly magnificent

Tons more, after the jump.


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Gamespotting – Pa pa pa poker face

South Park’s boys are always playing video games, so it was no surprise to see Kyle, Kenny and Cartman jamming to Lady Gaga on Rock Band in last night’s new episode, “Whale Whores.” But what makes it extra-special is the Eric Cartman from-the-diaphragm-spin on “Poker Face” (including the bit of anti-dolphin improv at the end). Watch at by clicking here.


(via Kotaku)

P.S. Their dead-faced concentration is so, so true to life. Like, when was the last time you even registered your avatar dancing around on the stage? Never, that’s when.

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Yes, sir!

Obama wants you to get a Pacman Sticker on your mac.

How cute is that? (via geekologie)


Yesterday someone linked me to this clever Snow White laptop decal, and I realized there must be tons of ways to creatively augment the laptop’s design with decoration! Here are a couple from etsy, and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more.


Left: Vinyl Decal Sticker MacBookPro Magritte inspired / Son of Mac ($9) by artwallproject

Right: PLUGG’D IN Laptop Decal ($20) by vinylville

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Quickie vid

Carrying on the 8-bit tradition, in this video a group of skaters roll down San Francisco streets wearing lit-up hat contraptions in the shape of Tetris pieces.

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Oh snap! Kanye Layton

I love it when a meme comes together.



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People in the US who pre-ordered Scribblenauts at GameStop were the lucky recipients (if they were still in stock) of the incredibly cute and awesome Maxwell Rooster Hat, as seen here:


Funny hats are always a key ingredient to WIN, and if I’m honest, picking up the hat was just as exciting as collecting the game itself. Which I was pretty dang excited about. The great thing is, the chickenhat is good quality — and stretches enough to fit onto my giant noggin.


Browsing Twitter, I found I was not alone in my appreciation for the awesomeness of the roosterhat. Click for the large size (totally worth it):

Rooster hat mosaic

I will add more pics as they turn up, and if anyone who happens to read this would like to be added, post a comment with a link to your pic.

Photo credits
Row 1:
1: @lauraehall (me!)
2: @gotee12
3: @vznet
4: @vixorien
5: @sampagan

Row 2:
1: @rondhi
2: @ravensvoice
3: @nbcrescendo
4: @monique_soto
5: @matthewrex

Row 3:
1: @levihaag
2: @jugglerofgeese
3: @jaimeorourke
4: One of the Scribblenauts developers
5: @duckyvonkarma

Row 4:
1: @briguyd
2: @czarneckid
3: @bigopinion
4: @gogoroflcopter
5: @rosakam

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Obviously Not Gamers

According to the following video, a “group of people made a prank to C5N TV news network, ultimate defender of young people against alcohol abuse, by sending them an email denouncing the existence of a drink with absurd ingredients.”

The actual recipe from the game?

propylene glycol
artificial sweeteners
sulphuric acid
red dye no. 2
axle grease
battery acid

While using Monkey Island to point out the absurdities and fallibility of the alarmist 24-hour news cycle is cute, the most impressive thing as far as I’m concerned is the voice acting for the Pirate Leaders in the Spanish version of The Secret of Monkey Island (shown in the video). That’s some heavy-duty pirating.

And as the Tales of Monkey Island Blog points out, the reporter also failed to notice the XD smiley in the recipe title. N00b.

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